As the summer wraps up, it's a good time to ask ourselves, "How did we spend our time?" Did we make the most of summer 2017, or have we squandered it working or staying in with the cats? September may seem like that last ditch effort to get some fun under our belts to last us through the long winter, and this one promises to be an awesome month for events in and around music city.

Sept 6: 4th annual periscope pitch event. The Nashville Entrepreneur Center hosts an event focused on helping a select group of artists leverage their talent and passion into a solid business plan. The Artists will be competing for cash prizes and recognition for their art and entrepreneurial vision.

Sept 8: Full Moon Pickin' Party. Get ready to relax and hear some sweet bluegrass sounds. This one is a sure winner. Just a bunch of bluegrass musicians jammin' out under the trees. Ticket price includes up to four beers, so we're not seeing a downside here.

Sept 10: Dressing Downton. Ever wonder what British aristocracy were wearing at the turn of the twentieth century? Of course you already know. you've seen Downton Abbey. This, however, is your chance to see it in person at Cheekwood Gardens, one of the most charming settings Nashville has to offer.

Sept 23: Redbull Flugtag. Where do I even start? Forty teams will be competing at Nashville's Riverfront Park to see whose homemade, human powered flying machine can make it the farthest. This sounds like one of the most ridiculous and awesome spectacles that will take place in our lifetime. Do not miss this.